Ten Things About… Your Blogger

A quick introduction, methinks…

Right! Ten Things About me!

1) I read a little bit of *everything*. I’ll try any genre once. I confess to having quite enjoyed Twilight. I also liked War and Peace.

2) I like kittens. For breakfast. Kidding.


3) I live on Diet Coke.

4) If a movie isn’t either animated or has explosions, I’ll take *forever* to watch it.

5) I am a compulsive list-maker – hence the format of this blog!

6) I craft – knitting mostly – and might do a few blog posts about that as well (although not quite sure how it fits into the ‘narrative entertainment’ rule of my blog yet. I’ll make it up).


7) I am a sucker for pretty book covers, and have purchased hundreds of books on cover alone.

8) I prefer not to make waves, but have strong opinions on chocolate and cabbage (the former is manna, the latter is devil’s food).

9) I have been a Twitter & blog lurker for…..well, forever, but have decided to finally take the plunge. Be gentle.


10) I make promises I don’t keep. Like “I promise I’ll update this blog daily” and “I promise never to read trashy fiction again”. Both of those are unlikely to be kept.

So, that’s me! Tell me something about you?


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